R.E.D. Team


The R.E.D. Team (Retired and Extremely Drunk) is a crack team of Commanders who have no official title or authority beyond the respect inherent in the rank.
At the Captain’s discretion, they may be assigned Yo’Men and Yo’Women to dole on their every need.
Should they choose to grace the ship with their presence, bow before the might that is their liver.

Fauxmmodore Rhandom Bhagczech

Commander Dr. “Lady” WetNurse

Commander Excelcior Dunsel

Commander Ivan A Brewski

Commander N.Sin of the Apocalypse

Commander Punk Funkley “P-Funk” Diminutive Detective

Commander Ramen “Noodles” Saotome

Commander Smee

Commander Wrong Solo

Father Xenu Fedora