The Relaxation Department makes sure that the party room, and the people in it, are decorated. They will also provide you all of your worldly needs, as long as those are fancy cups and gambling problems.

Master of Ceremonies
    Lieutenant Pocket Rockit

Lieutenant Ophelia Nuts

Ensign Blurberry Pop Tart

Ensign BTDubs

Ensign Crispy Octopus Ballz

Ensign Doooooom!!!

Ensign Evil

Ensign Fluke of Fate

Ensign IngeHoots

Ensign Ivana MuffinMunch

Ensign Jingley


Ensign Magikalmay

Ensign Money Shot

Ensign SparklePony GlitterTitts

Ensign WILF

Ensign Yuri Diculus

Cadet Rosebud