The Medical Team stocks and dispenses ordinance. They are chemists of the highest order and are masters of curing all the afflicts the soul. They are also impish, mean, and will do anything for the opportunity to fire a Yukon Torpedo down your Jeffries Tube.
Remember: Friends don’t let friends drink The Horta.

Chief of Medical
    Lieutenant Constance Backwards

Lieutenant Commander Endora

Lieutenant Commander Wicked the Ewok

Ensign Bacchanalia

Ensign Bambi

Ensign DR. Natural Only Enima

Ensign Kiwii

Ensign LunaTick

Ensign No’Namei

Ensign Olman Droid

Ensign T-1000

Ensign Trixy Vixen

Ensign WhatsHisFez

Ensign Yeti