They’re Going To Have To Invent New Ways To Describe Awesome Now…

So as many of you know, we had a tiny little shindig at Arisia, and it went okay.


Seriously, it was a personal best. Records were smashed. Those smashed pieces were then further violated (we’re not allowed to say how, in at least 32 states) and chucked out the window. We raised enough money that even after paying off our room bill and making our charitable donation to the ever-worthy Operation Hammond we still have a bit more money than we had right before our long string of bad luck began. Of course, we’ll need to start buying more cups, and other consumables, but the important part is NOW WE CAN AFFORD TO DO SO! Furthermore, there was so much awesome around that we now have to have command staff meeting tonight for the purpose of inventing whole new ways of properly containing it in the future.

A lot of people worked very hard to make it all come together, but we still couldn’t do it without the support of you, our fanbase, and our fabulous sponsors. Thanks for making it all worthwhile, and we’ll see you soon again!!

Executive Officer Liften “Noodles” Kherry
(Who has a major sad that he was unable to attend)

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