Party Alert! Party Alert!

We’re well underway getting the ship all set for the mission to Lensmen Patrol Headquarters, known to most sentient beings as Arisia. The crew has been working hard to stock the bar with a wide array of the finest ETOH in the fleet, and stocking the cargo bay full of high quality slack. All was going well until someone had the bright idea to rewire the big red “Engage” button that puts the ship into warp to the primary weapon firing controls. Needless to say, we wiped out an entire moon owned by the Vulcan Temperance Ministry. It was a complete utter accident (Yeah that’s right, an accident…yeeeah) and frankly we’re really very, very sorry. *snicker*

Come join us in little more than a week’s time at Arisia on Saturday Night in what we have been referring to as “Mystery Shadow Lounge 3000″. It’s going to be a blast and full of slack, entertainment and plenty of good cheer!

XO’s note: Dying to find out the location? Either track down a helpful Barfleet member, check out our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed.

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