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Arisia 2019: Everything Old Is New Again!

Hello Darlings! Did you miss us?

Image result for deep space 9 drinkingHave you heard the news? Thanks to an inversion in the space-time continuum caused by a breakdown in negotiations between the Ferengi Commerce Authority and  the Federation Amalgamated Guild of Hostelers and Habadashers,  Arisia will be taking place this year only at the Boston Park Plaza, a sight not seen since 2006! Oldtimers will no doubt have a warm, gushy glow in their hearts, as they return to their ancestral stomping grounds. That, or possibly warm gushiness in other parts. I mean hey, it IS that kind of con, if you know what you’re doing.

Annnnnnyhow, your favorite band of convivial bon vivants from the UBS Shameless will be there, soaking up the lively atmosphere, and otherwise staying one step ahead of the Vulcan Temperance Ministry. So if you see one of our members, usually easily spotted by their t-shirts, dog tags, or other iconic wear-ables, why not walk up and say hi! We promise you a 78.9% chance that you’ll at least live to regret the experience!

– Baroness-Commandant Saotome, R.E.D. Team

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