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Oh Yeah Baby…We Want You…


You know a great place to find us? This Saturday, January 18th at Arisia!

-Liften “Noodles” Kherry, XO, who loves you, but doesn’t LOVE you love you…

Guess Who’s Back! Back Again!

Hey! Is it 2014? Then it must be time for Arisia!


Yes, time for the intrepid crew of the UBS Shameless to return to one of our favorite cons, Arisia. Come with us and roll the dice…will it be A) A blowout, B) an epic blowout, or C) an incredibly epic blowout?

(Ahem…we won’t talk about certain years past…)

There’s only one way to find out! Come join us and our awesome allies from Nauticon as we host:

Nauticon! Presented by the UBS Shameless
Saturday, January 18th
Rooms 506/507, 10pm to 2am

Astute cadets will note that we are starting somewhat later this year…but we’re also finishing up later as well. Please help us spread the word!  As always, you can keep up with the latest events via this webpage, our Facebook group, or on Twitter (@UBS_Shameless). See you then! -LNKXO

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