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LBARS Functionality: Restored

We got this thing working!

So I don’t know the entire story…most of it is being kept from me so I can’t be compelled to testify against anybody in case this goes to court (STAAAAR COURT!), but the good Padre Fedora managed to single-handedly storm his way onto a Nova class starship, pirate their copy of LCARS, escape with life and limb intact, and then kitbash it into a usable interface for our needs. So props for that!!


So We Got This Facebook Thing, See…

The good Padre, Xenu Fedora, continues to drag the ship into something resembling the second decade of the 21st Century, and we are now proud to introduce our Facebook fan site! Find useful news, interesting links, and the latest insider information on our upcoming events. It’s about as close to the Shameless as you can get without having a restraining order levied against you!

UBS Shameless Fan Site on Facebook