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Still In Drydock…

Hi fans,

As you know, the Shameless is known far and wide for it’s high amounts of relaxation, slack, and general awesomeness. But there is one thing that has always dragged upon our Awesome like a lead weight; our web-site.

We take full responsibility. Actually, as the XO, one of my duties is to act as ships scapegoat. And I always blame the Vulcan Temperance Ministry. Those scoundrels; oooooh I hate them. They’ve managed to have a string of successful skirmishes lately. But thanks to the efforts of the good Padre, Xenu, exciting changes are underway!!

So until that day, a new ship, and a new day are dawning, and we are currently under construction. But check back soon!

Liften “Noodles” Kherry
Executive Officer, UBS Shameless

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