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PopCult Anime Con 2019: It’s Magick, Bitches!

As if there was any question about whether the UBS Shameless would be returning to PopCult – the 3rd most pop-y, and 17th most cult-y Anime convention on the Eastern seaboard –  suffer in uncertainty no more! We shall be there to grace your face and foist our …unique…presence onto one and all!

Magick Camp, I am told, is the theme of this year, and fortunately your humble Baroness-Commandant was able to get the special dispensation from the Amalgamated Federation of Witches, Warlocks, Spellbreakers, Arithromancers and Sorcerers she required to attend.

(You get wrapped in one unpleasant misunderstanding involving a sixteen year old princess and a room full of spinning wheels, and suddenly you’re persona non grata in the wizarding world. Sheesh!)

PopCult and Barfleet are definitely a match made in whatever particular plane of post-life existence you choose to go with, and we could not be happier to be returning. So after a long day of absolutely killing it dressed up as your favorite character, why not track us down and let us entertain you with a little magic hospitality of our own?

(Please leave all magical familiars at the door. Sorry, it’s a Commonwealth of Massachusetts thing, otherwise we’d totally be cool with it.)

-Baroness-Commandant Saotomae, R.E.D. Team


Nauticon 2015: Now with 87% More Debauchery!

BFNCHey kids! It’s almost time for the Shameless’ favorite-est con of the season! If you enjoy good food, good times, and drinks a-plenty, then you are no doubt familiar with the weapons-grade awesome that is Nauticon!

If not, then please immediately rectify this massive oversight in your life! Nauticon is 48 hours of 21+ geek-friendly revelry, held on the beach in P-Town, Cape Cod. In addition to all the usual panels and dealers booths, there are parties, various food and alcohol tastings, and this year, we’ll be bringing the Shameless Games, a series of events designed to test your sanity, or at least your sobriety.

It’s still not too late to unleash your personal party Kraken. May 15th to May 17th 2015! See you there!


P.S. There’s even a con-related discount on tickets for the Ferry between Boston and P-Town!

I Like Pie PI!


Hey there Cadets!breaking-bad-star-trek-animated It’s PI Time!

8PI-Con Time, to be precise

The con that started it all for us, the place where we launched the good ship Shameless, has returned after a years hiatus. Join us in welcoming back this beloved CT/MA convention. This year’s Guest of Awesome is longtime Shameless Friend with Benefits Justine Graykin, with Guest of Honor Allen Steele. As you can imagine, we’ve missed this friendly, fun, and fancy-free convention. Sure to be a blast, so come on down and party with us June 27th – 29th!

(And yes, we strongly suspect there will be pie. But there’s only one way for you to actually find out!)

– Commander Liften “Noodles” Kherry, XO


Parties Ahoy!

Though the year got off to a rocky start, we are undaunted. Indeed, we have a Spring season just jam packed with slack, and wholesome (hah!) party goodness!


Nauticon 2014
May 2-4, 2014
Provincetown, MA

Do you like booze? Do you like the beach? Are you at least moderately inclined towards all things fannish? And are you particularly excited about what happens when all three things come together? Then good God, Nauticon is for you!

Back for it’s third year, Nauticon is going all out with a viking theme! The perfect accompaniment for our Saturday Night revelry and merrymaking.

The venue is gorgeous, not to mention that this is probably one of the most perfect times of the year to hit the Cape; fantastic weather and no craziness with the tourists yet.Come for the beach excitement, stay for the YTs!


And don’t forget!:

June 27-29, 2014
Enfield, CT

Long time fans might remember a fateful day in 2007, when the intrepid crew of the UBS Shameless came together with con attendees, and christened our mighty ship during 2PiCon, an event that still lives on in legend as “The Painsphere Incident.” Neither hurricane force winds nor running out of rum has dulled our enthusiasm for this convention. PiCon will always have a special place in our history.

Returning triumphantly from their hiatus, 8Pi-Con will be June 27-29th, and the UBS Shameless will be there to party it up on Saturday Night! We are particularly thrilled that long-time Special Friend (with Benefits) Of The Ship, Justine Graykin, is this year’s Guest of Awesome.

Between Nauticon in May and Picon in June, the next couple of months are looking pretty damn spectacular. See you then!

-Command Liften “Noodles” Kherry, XO.

Why I Love Barfleet

Barfleet can be very subtle in its nuances. For that reason, a lot of people walk away from our parties focused on how fun the party was, and it ends up being their sole takeaway.

And that’s ok. It’s not only understandable, it means we did it right. You had a fun time. But… it does mean a lot of people miss the levels of responsibility and professionalism our members accept and perform (and perform well).

At Arisia this past January, I awarded a commemorative coin to one Shira Lipkin and gave her the honorary title of “Shameless Friend”.  I mentioned lightly that it was because of her unabashed support of the ship, but in the interest of time I didn’t go too far into it. Here’s why:

Shira gets it.

She showed that, without being a part of the inner workings, she really and truly understood why and how we do this. She saw beneath the hood to the inner workings of the engine that is barfleet and recognized the amount of work and effort that we put in to making everone’s visit not just an amazingly fun experience, but that we are ever working hard to make it as safe as can be. There is no perfect level of safety that we can provide, but we will continue to work to improve that level of safety, and do our damndest to make it happen without you having to walk away focused on anything other than having a good time.

Without further ado, and with permission from the author, I present “Why I like Barfleet” by Shira Lipkin, Shameless Friend.

– Captain Rhandom Bhagczech

“Why I Like Barfleet
1. You can buy a cheap souvenir cup or take the plain cup and you get free drinks all night.
2. They actually card and are rigorous about not giving alcohol to minors. (Yes, I greeted the Commander with a hug and we traded stories about our kids. Yes, he still carded me. I have no quarrel with this.)
3. Great music. Okay, sometimes not good music, but fun music.
4. They actually do sexual assault prevention stuff.

Read #4 again.


The first time I personally noticed this was when I was sitting on the windowsill talking to friends and an adorably-slightly-inebriated [friend] plopped down by my feet, rested his head in my lap like he was a unicorn and I a maiden, and curled a hand around my thigh. Pretty much instantly, Barfleet staff surfaced and asked, “He okay?” In response to my “Yep! He always gets snuggly like this,” the staffer nodded and ninja-vanished, and it only occurred to me a moment later that that was a check-in; it wasn’t “Does he need a barf bag?” it was “Do you need him off of you?”

This wasn’t an isolated incident. Okay, a bunch of us got very snuggly that night, and some of us got a bit more-than, prompting my “we’re putting the whore back in Horta” tweet. And I saw multiple staff members performing multiple checks on multiple groups of people, as general policy. If it looked like there was a little drunk-sexiness going on, Barfleet staff made sure everything was cool. Unobtrusively, but decisively. Pretty much everything we’ve been saying party hosts ought to do for years.

So yeah. Props.”

They’re Going To Have To Invent New Ways To Describe Awesome Now…

So as many of you know, we had a tiny little shindig at Arisia, and it went okay.


Seriously, it was a personal best. Records were smashed. Those smashed pieces were then further violated (we’re not allowed to say how, in at least 32 states) and chucked out the window. We raised enough money that even after paying off our room bill and making our charitable donation to the ever-worthy Operation Hammond we still have a bit more money than we had right before our long string of bad luck began. Of course, we’ll need to start buying more cups, and other consumables, but the important part is NOW WE CAN AFFORD TO DO SO! Furthermore, there was so much awesome around that we now have to have command staff meeting tonight for the purpose of inventing whole new ways of properly containing it in the future.

A lot of people worked very hard to make it all come together, but we still couldn’t do it without the support of you, our fanbase, and our fabulous sponsors. Thanks for making it all worthwhile, and we’ll see you soon again!!

Executive Officer Liften “Noodles” Kherry
(Who has a major sad that he was unable to attend)

LBARS Functionality: Restored

We got this thing working!

So I don’t know the entire story…most of it is being kept from me so I can’t be compelled to testify against anybody in case this goes to court (STAAAAR COURT!), but the good Padre Fedora managed to single-handedly storm his way onto a Nova class starship, pirate their copy of LCARS, escape with life and limb intact, and then kitbash it into a usable interface for our needs. So props for that!!


So We Got This Facebook Thing, See…

The good Padre, Xenu Fedora, continues to drag the ship into something resembling the second decade of the 21st Century, and we are now proud to introduce our Facebook fan site! Find useful news, interesting links, and the latest insider information on our upcoming events. It’s about as close to the Shameless as you can get without having a restraining order levied against you!

UBS Shameless Fan Site on Facebook


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