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It’s that fun filled time of year once more

And that time is, of course, Arisia! One of the hottest East Coast geek conventions during the coldest Arisia_0025time of the year!

(You don’t need to leave the hotel anyhow…)

Arisia, of course, holds a near and dear place in our collective hearts, as we’ve attended over these past seven years. We’ve had some triumphs, and some tragedies, but Arisia’s sheer per-square-inch of awesome keeps us coming back. So of course we’ll be around, and no doubt you’ll have no trouble finding us, but I’ve been ask to relay some info for the upcoming events.

There may, or may not, be a booty draw, as there has, or hasn’t been, in years past. And some of the awesome things that may or may not be had include:

  • A bottle of Crystal Head Vodka, autographed by Dan Aykroyd himself. Someone had to do something with all that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull merch left over; but seriously, DADDY WANT. It also comes with skull shaped shotglasses!
  • And finally, there’s a life sized cutout of Daenerys Targaryen, who’s apparently a character from some surprisingly popular television show on cable based on some books; books apparently being things people still read. Eh, whatever you kids like, I know I personally will not judge you for whatever it is you end up doing with her (Yes, I will.)

So watch our page and watch our Twitter feed, because we’re focusing on making 2015 a great year indeed!

– Cmd. Liften “Noodles” Kherry, Executive Officer

Oh Yeah Baby…We Want You…


You know a great place to find us? This Saturday, January 18th at Arisia!

-Liften “Noodles” Kherry, XO, who loves you, but doesn’t LOVE you love you…

It’s Nearly Upon Us

After a long period of behind the scenes silence as we make our preparations and final checks, it’s almost time for Nauticon 2013!

Just a reminder, this is going to be an even greater blowout than usual: Not only are we providing official parties on Friday AND Saturday, but our own Commodore Erikson will be there as a convention Guest of Awesome ( The Commodore is the Barfleet founder, and will be there along with several members of the Fleet Command staff.

(You have no idea the lengths that the Padre has been going to, to secure ordnance for this event…it’s literally international.)

There’s still tickets to be had for the con, so be sure to grab yours before that changes! You can’t get into the party without a con badge!

For more info about Nauticon please visit there website at www, 


Esprit De Corps (Not A Fancy Cocktail)

So the good Padre Xenu (I should just make that his official name: Good Padre Xenu) has come up with a kick-ass fleet banner.

Want to see this baby’s premier? Come and track us down at Arisia on Saturday Night in what I have been referring to as “Mystery Shadow Lounge 3000”. Hope to see you all there, regardless of what new shiny we have to show off…and there is indeed more shiny to show off.


Still In Drydock…

Hi fans,

As you know, the Shameless is known far and wide for it’s high amounts of relaxation, slack, and general awesomeness. But there is one thing that has always dragged upon our Awesome like a lead weight; our web-site.

We take full responsibility. Actually, as the XO, one of my duties is to act as ships scapegoat. And I always blame the Vulcan Temperance Ministry. Those scoundrels; oooooh I hate them. They’ve managed to have a string of successful skirmishes lately. But thanks to the efforts of the good Padre, Xenu, exciting changes are underway!!

So until that day, a new ship, and a new day are dawning, and we are currently under construction. But check back soon!

Liften “Noodles” Kherry
Executive Officer, UBS Shameless

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