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PopCult Anime Con 2019: It’s Magick, Bitches!

As if there was any question about whether the UBS Shameless would be returning to PopCult – the 3rd most pop-y, and 17th most cult-y Anime convention on the Eastern seaboard –  suffer in uncertainty no more! We shall be there to grace your face and foist our …unique…presence onto one and all!

Magick Camp, I am told, is the theme of this year, and fortunately your humble Baroness-Commandant was able to get the special dispensation from the Amalgamated Federation of Witches, Warlocks, Spellbreakers, Arithromancers and Sorcerers she required to attend.

(You get wrapped in one unpleasant misunderstanding involving a sixteen year old princess and a room full of spinning wheels, and suddenly you’re persona non grata in the wizarding world. Sheesh!)

PopCult and Barfleet are definitely a match made in whatever particular plane of post-life existence you choose to go with, and we could not be happier to be returning. So after a long day of absolutely killing it dressed up as your favorite character, why not track us down and let us entertain you with a little magic hospitality of our own?

(Please leave all magical familiars at the door. Sorry, it’s a Commonwealth of Massachusetts thing, otherwise we’d totally be cool with it.)

-Baroness-Commandant Saotomae, R.E.D. Team


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