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Arisia 2021 2022 2023: We think we can! We think we can! We think we can!

Attention Arisa: The UBS Shameless has cleared quarantine and is preparing to initiate docking! Time to bunk up with your preferred mate (or any random person willing to split the cost with you) and kick off 2023 in style!

Come join us for our return to Arisia!

– XO

PopCult Anime Con 2022: Life’s a Beach

<TODO: Insert clever shenanigans here>

Party will commence in about 275 kiloseconds give or take some procrastination.

See you there!

– XO

Arisia 2019: Everything Old Is New Again!

Hello Darlings! Did you miss us?

Image result for deep space 9 drinkingHave you heard the news? Thanks to an inversion in the space-time continuum caused by a breakdown in negotiations between the Ferengi Commerce Authority and  the Federation Amalgamated Guild of Hostelers and Habadashers,  Arisia will be taking place this year only at the Boston Park Plaza, a sight not seen since 2006! Oldtimers will no doubt have a warm, gushy glow in their hearts, as they return to their ancestral stomping grounds. That, or possibly warm gushiness in other parts. I mean hey, it IS that kind of con, if you know what you’re doing.

Annnnnnyhow, your favorite band of convivial bon vivants from the UBS Shameless will be there, soaking up the lively atmosphere, and otherwise staying one step ahead of the Vulcan Temperance Ministry. So if you see one of our members, usually easily spotted by their t-shirts, dog tags, or other iconic wear-ables, why not walk up and say hi! We promise you a 78.9% chance that you’ll at least live to regret the experience!

– Baroness-Commandant Saotome, R.E.D. Team

Nauticon 2018: Now with 9999% More Glitter!


Carpe deRum here! It’s almost time for the Shameless’ favorite-est con of the season. Nauticon! MAY 18-20, 2018

This year its going disco themed so I went out and bought a whole bunch of glitter to make my own disco balls. Just need to open up the bag it came in to move it to a more transportable container…. Ugh! Oh God! It’s everywhere! Ugh! It’s in my raccoon wounds! Oh God! SEND HELP. IT’S GOTTEN INTO THE INSTRUMENTATION PANELS! {áPÙ›j7cQÔvz@n3#…

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Mission Arisa 2017: Now with more slack and libations


We have made our way back to Arisia for another fun filled mission filled with slack libations and more! Did you know it’s our 10 year anniversary? That’s right we have been awash in space for 10 fucking years. That’s a long time to be flying through space dispensing libations and slack to the masses. Trust us when we say we will be around this weekend with plenty to offer and more! Keep your eyes peeled and you will find us.

– Father Xenu

Nauticon 2016: Now with 23% More Dark Matter!

Tired of the standard every day convention? Looking for something new? Then why the fuck haven’t you signed up for NAUTICON yet?!?

This is THE con to attend if you need something new and different. Nauticon falls under what we refer to around here as as a relaxacon, or a con without the con. Skip panels and rest on the beach. Wander around P-town buying useless crap and eating awesome barbecue (seriously, the captain knows a BBQ place so good you’ll forget how awesome cape cod seafood is!) Play some Beer Croquet with your con buddies. Hang out with Barfleet ALL FUCKING DAY.

There’s a reason we call this convention HOME. You should too. ‪#‎nauticon‬ Nauticons (The 21+ Convention)

– LT CdR

Guess Who’s Back! Back Again!

Hey! Is it 2014? Then it must be time for Arisia!


Yes, time for the intrepid crew of the UBS Shameless to return to one of our favorite cons, Arisia. Come with us and roll the dice…will it be A) A blowout, B) an epic blowout, or C) an incredibly epic blowout?

(Ahem…we won’t talk about certain years past…)

There’s only one way to find out! Come join us and our awesome allies from Nauticon as we host:

Nauticon! Presented by the UBS Shameless
Saturday, January 18th
Rooms 506/507, 10pm to 2am

Astute cadets will note that we are starting somewhat later this year…but we’re also finishing up later as well. Please help us spread the word!  As always, you can keep up with the latest events via this webpage, our Facebook group, or on Twitter (@UBS_Shameless). See you then! -LNKXO

Nauticon Panel Ahoy!

Nauticon is almost upon us *GASP!* We got this communication this morning from barfleet command. For those sentient folks that don’t know what or think we are just a bunch of alcoholics *snicker* we will be having a panel at Nauticon to dispel those scandalous misconceptions and learn more about what we do and why. If you really like us you can learn how you can help.

Hailing Frequencies Open:
Meet the Minds behind Barfleet ~ UBS SHAMELESS

Friday 3pm – 4pm – Harborside
Ever wonder how the Barfleet came together to help nerds have a good time and stay safe?… Well wonder no more! Want to meet a Commodore and Captain all in one place? Come to our panel, find out the unique mission of the United Barfleet Ship Shameless, learn how they work together to keep people safe while having a good time at pop culture conventions and how you can support them!

On a serious note: The members of the UBS Shameless and the Barfleet as a whole are nerds and pop culture fans, just like the people that attend our party and events. We feel it’s our duty as fans and human beings to provide an atmosphere of fun that is safe for all involved. We put a lot of hard work in what we do and many of us take significant time off from there personal life to do it. When your at one of our parties it may look like drunken chaos, but rest assured that there is a large crew of people there to make sure you have a good time and stay safe.

-Father Xenu

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